Como é viver em uma van? Inspire-se com 13 contas imperdíveis no Instagram.

Por Linoleum Crew

Como é viver em uma van, deixando tudo para trás para cair na estrada? Para algumas pessoas é uma loucura, para outras é um sonho, e para um grupo de felizardos é uma realidade. Embora ainda não seja muito comum no Brasil, muitas pessoas tem feito esta escolha ao redor do mundo.

Se você parar para pensar, o movimento hippie trouxe a primeira grande leva de pessoas levando a vida na estrada, cruzando países sem preocupação, vivendo somente com o necessário.  Alguns com menos estrutura, outros com mais, mas todos saboreando a verdadeira liberdade.

De 15 anos para cá, o número de pessoas e famílias que optam por levar a vida morando na van aumentou muito, principalmente na Europa e em países como Austrália, Nova Zelândia e Canadá. Quase sempre é um estilo de vida temporário, que vai de 6 meses até 2 anos. Diferente dos anos 70, hoje é possível estar conectado em qualquer lugar e ganhar a vida de alguma forma com trabalhos freelancer desbravando novos lugares.

Pensando nisso reunimos neste post 13 perfis de Instagram que retratam como é viver em um van. A idéia é trazer um pouco de inspiração e trazer uma reflexão para a próxima vez que você se pegar pensando se está feliz com a vida que leva ou se está apenas perseguindo algo que nem sabe o que é. Esperamos que goste!

Jake Coleman

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Hella pnw vibes right now

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Rocketo Diaries

Something Wild

Wild Road Wanderers

The Van Lifers

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Not many people equate "school buses" to "luxury living," but if you check out Luke Davis's converted bus, you just might see things differently. Luke and his wife Rachel own Skoolie, a company that specializes in converting school buses into amazing custom mobile homes. And although there may be other companies out there doing similar things, few are doing it to the impressive level that they are. 👏🏼 . . As home prices continue to skyrocket, more and more people are looking at "skoolies" (i.e. school buses that have been converted into homes) and other converted vehicles as a viable and more affordable option — and when you see Luke’s bus and some of the work he has done, it’s really no wonder why. 🚌👌🏼 . . In this episode, we talk about his background, why he and his wife chose "skoolie life" and how that decision ultimately led to them starting this business, his cost breakdown of life on the road (and the relative affordability of building out and living in a bus compared to home ownership), how he literally "raises the roof," cool projects on the horizon and much more! 🎉🛠 . . LINK IN BIO! Also check out their website at and follow Luke and his family’s adventures on instagram: @midwestwanderers 💗 . Don't forget to subscribe to our podcast (Small + Simple) on Apple Podcasts so that you can keep up with other cool folks who contribute to living smaller, more simple (but still totally kickass) lifestyles! 🎧✌🏼 . 📸 by @midwestwanderers

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We Who Roam


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Not all those who wander are lost…

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Direction Vague

Divine on The Road

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I’ve been getting quite a few repeat questions lately and I never want it to feel like I’m hiding anything or have some secret that allows me to do what I’m doing. I’m always an open book and want you to know the answer to anything you may have been wondering whether it’s van life, my life, having a dog on the road, etc. Here are the answers to a few of the most commonly asked questions but if you have something else, I would be happy to answer whatever you’ve got. ❤️ – I do live in the van full- time and don’t have any property or apartment anywhere. I consider my home base to be Indiana where I visit family every 4 to 5 months. – You’re sweet for asking, but no I do not want a (human) co- pilot. 🐶 – When I leave Ella in the van, I close the pocket door which blocks heat from the front. I put up the insulated window covers which blocks heat from the back. With the front windows cracked and the vent fan on, it makes the van much cooler than you’d probably expect. I also leave plenty of water in her bowl. If I think it’s still too warm, I simply don’t leave her inside. She comes with me 99% of the time anyways. – My website is how I generate an income on the road. I do affiliate marketing, advertising, and offer a mentorship program for anyone trying to build a website and make money from it. I’m also currently working on a few products of my own which will be done very soon! I’ve worked hard to make the website get plenty of traffic through search engines instead of Instagram which is why I don’t talk about it very often here. (But I do love talking about this stuff so seriously ask me anything you want.) – I take all of my own photos! I have a tripod and a timer on the camera. I usually set it to take a photo every second for 20-30 seconds. That gives me plenty of options and then I just edit in Lightroom on my laptop… usually several days later 🙈 – Anything else, just leave down below and I’ll answer everything! Have a wonderful week, my loves. 😌

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Yellow Like Sunshine

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Seven day bus build! For $10k. Not a bad transformation in a very short timeframe. We did this fit out last week as a special gift for some friends and we’ve decided we’d love to offer a package for people who’d like to build their own bus/van-home but need some guidance and hands-on support. The package can be customised to your needs but read on for details below… Tag a friend if you think they might be interested! 💪🏻🛠🚌❤️ DIY Off-grid Bus Fitout $10,000. No experience necessary! Bring your own bus or van. Labour and learn package for those who want to do the fitout themselves, learn new skills and save big on $$$. Personally guided initial fit out – unlimited call/video guidance ending with 7 days of onsite, hands-on carpentry, electrical, plumbing and curtain making. Package includes: ☀️ Full off-grid solar system with all components and wires included for easy installation. ☀️ 500W of solar panels ☀️ Redarc BCDC alternator charger 1240 ☀️ 300AH AGM deep cycle batteries ☀️ 2000W inverter for 240V power. ☀️ Timber ceiling lining ☀️ Dometic Mini Heki Skylight/hatch ☀️ Installation of fridge, stove/oven and sink (you provide appliances, we can give advice and help you source) ☀️ Custom kitchen cabinets and bench top. ☀️ Bed base with gas struts for easy lifting and storage. ☀️ 12V lighting ☀️ 12V USB and outlets ☀️ Caframo Sirocco 12V fan ☀️ Custom curtains ☀️ Hand pump kitchen tap ☀️ 20L under-sink fresh water tank ☀️ All nuts, bolts, screws and connectors required for the build. Stage 1 – Solar Installation 🔨 Hand picked 12V solar kit arrives at your location with detailed installation instructions for you to install with unlimited call/video support as needed. 🔨 Rough in wiring for lights, fridge, fan and 12v outlets. Custom wiring diagrams provided. 🔨Ceiling preparation/blocking-out. Cut out and install skylight/hatch with as much call/video guidance as you need. ☀️ continued in comments…

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Des Fenêtre Sur Le Monde

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Double Dose [ English below ] FR // Parfois il en faut peu pour rendre un spot magique… Ce soir là, c’est notamment cette grande flaque qui aura fait notre bonheur ! (Excitation maximum à la vue de deux Popo(s) !) Nous avions beaucoup roulé, les options n’étaient pas nombreuses et un point de vue prés de la route nous allait très bien. Les roues posaient pas trop tard dans un coin au calme, nous avons pris le temps de cuisiner, de trier quelques photos, de répondre à quelques messages (parce que ô miracle, nous avions du réseau !!!), bref des choses toutes simples. Puis nous avons contemplé la montagne en face de nous, rougir sous les derniers rayons de soleil, avant de nous glisser sous la couette … Ce sont les petites choses qui rendent les moments beaux et précieux, vous n’êtes pas d’accord ?! _________ EN // Sometimes it doesn't much to make a spot a magic spot … This evening, it is this particular big puddle that will have made our happiness! (Maximum excitement at the sight of two Popo!) We drove a lot, the options were not many and a scenic view near the road was fine for the night. The wheels parked not too late in a quiet corner, we took the time to cook, to look at some pictures, to answer some messages (because oh miracle, we had cell coverage !!!), in short, very simple things . Then we saw the mountain in front of us, blush under the last rays of sun, before slipping under our duvet … These are the little things that make the moments beautiful and precious, you don’t agree? 🚐💨✨⁠ .⁣⠀⁠ .⁣⁠⁠ .⁠ .⁠ #desfenetressurlemonde #nouveauxnomades #simplyadventure #lifeofadventure⁠ W/ @chapkaassurances & @frontrunneroutfitters⁠ .⁠ #reformlife #exploremore #roamtheplanet #voyage #iamatraveller #overlander #vanlife #passionpassport #openroad #vanlifediaries #overlanding #roadtrip #fulltimetravel #nomadiclife #adventuremobile #campervan #neverstopexploring #outdoors #travellife #wildernessculture #projectvanlife #exploringtheglobe #staywild #exploreobserveshare #homeonwheels #coupletravel⁠

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Tiny House Tiny Foot Print

Mitch Cox

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